Are you an investor or do you own a property? Rent Your Flat for Coliving

Unlock New Rental Opportunities with Coliving. We offer you a business model for the future, safe, legal and transparent.

What are we offering you?

Denkool Corporate Living

Denkool Corporate Living

We will jointly develop a Corporate Coliving business in your property.



A safe investment with guaranteed high returns.



You don't have to worry about anything. We'll take care of everything.

What is Corporate Coliving?

The best solution for temporary accommodation for relocated workers, digital nomads, and young professionals who choose to live in a community.

Corporate Coliving proposes a new lifestyle in which tenants, in addition to common spaces, also share experiences and hobbies.

It allows tenants to enjoy all the comforts of a home with different common areas perfect for working and interacting with other professionals.

The goal is to generate a space for socialization where you can regain the sense of community that is often difficult to find in big cities.


What are we looking for?

The expansion team at Denkool Corporate Living works with a single goal:
To find the property that meets all the requirements defined in our business model.

We don't settle for just any property or location.

Minimum characteristics required

  • Minimum 4 spacious and bright bedrooms, preferably with an outdoor view.
  • Must have a large terrace or balcony.
  • Large common areas.
  • Minimum of two fully equipped bathrooms.
  • Central location with good public transportation connections.
I'm interested in this! Could you tell me more?

Our Top Advantages

Higher<br> profitability


We exploit the full potential of the property to obtain a profitability that is much higher than the average for traditional rentals.

Property <br> value


Increase the value of your property with a minimal investment.

Intermediation <br>  


Our business increases the value of the property, therefore can find investors interested in acquiring it.

Guaranteed <br> payment


You are part of the business so payment is guaranteed.

Maintenance <br>  


We have an internal service for weekly cleaning and continuous maintenance.



You can visit the common areas of the property whenever you wish, by giving prior notice and coordinating with a Denkool agent.



Online platform to provide the owner with all real-time information about the tenants: documentation, contracts, deadlines, payments, maintenance, returns, etc.



We take care of everything. At the end of the month, you will receive the liquidation, invoices, and income. You will not have to deal with evictions, defaults, or unemployment.



We strictly comply with the current legislation.



We make sure that both Denkool corporate living and internal rules will be fulfilled

How do we work?

When we receive a request:

  • We visit the property
  • We propose improvements if needed.
  • We agree on the terms
  • Once the agreement is reached we will sign
    a commercial management contract
    for real estate assets.

Our commitment

  • Furnish and equip the property with our design line.
  • Select the ideal tenant and sign the contract.
  • Manage Check In, Check Out.
  • Constant maintenance and cleaning.
  • Management and resolution of incidents.

Monthly payment to the owner

From the 10th to the 15th, we will send a statement, detailing:

  • ● The taxable base of income (rents)
  • Monthly expense invoices.
  • The management fee invoice.
  • The rest will be deposited into
    the property's bank account.
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